Friday, April 7, 2017

A Broken Nose and Crochet

Monday did not go quite as planned! We did our grocery shopping and were putting away groceries when I heard a loud crash as I was heading into the garage. I turned around in time to see cool whip and ice cream go flying and Jack's face bouncing off the kitchen floor. Blood went everywhere! It like to have scared the very life out of me! Once I got him some papertowels and he gathered his wits, off we went to urgent care not far from us. They x rayed his face and they thought only the tip of the nose bone was splintered a bit. We got a call Thursday after the radiologist looked at the films. He found another fracture higher up in his nose around the bridge of the nose. So off to see our primary doctor Monday to see if anything further needs to be done. Here is poor Jack after we got home Monday.

I have managed some crocheting! Finished this piece that Sylvia is modeling. It is called Hawthorn.
I also am working on this one today. I love the pumpkin color! This one is called Artist Tray Mat.
We managed to get a better picture of our apartment from the outside. That is it in the upper left corner. It is invisible from this location in the summer time because of the trees.
Look at this strawberry! The entire carton of them were big but this one sure was the winner in size. They were good too.
Lazy Sylvia this week.

And enjoying Jack brushing her.
Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


Regina said...

Oh my goodness Michelle I'm sorry to hear this! Poor Jack! I'm glad it wasn't more serious. Praying for a quick recovery for Jack. Let him know your blog readers are praying for him.

Mary said...

Poor Jack! I'm so sorry to hear about the accident he and you as well will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless and keep us posted.

Ortizadas said...

Greetings, hope Jack get well soon. 😉

Thrifty Mom In Boise said...

Poor Jack. Having broken my nose I know how much that hurts. Hope he feels better soon and heals well. Your crochet is lovely by the way. You are very talented.

Marlene jones said...

I really hope Jack is feeling better soon, it's such a simple accident, sounds very painful. Love your crochet, csn't wait to see you both settled in your new place.

Mii Stitch said...

Oh dear! Wishing Jack a speedy recovery.
Take it easy and enjoy the HUGE strawberries ;)

Margaret said...

Poor Jack! I hope the doctor says things are ok with Jack's nose. Love your crochet as always. Lots of good thoughts and prayers for Jack -- and you too.

Laura Lane said...

God heal Jack by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and the stripes he took for our healing in Jesus' Name!

Sophie gets in the cutest positions, doesn't she?

Your apartment grounds look nice. I bet you'll enjoy it.

You continue to amaze me with the lovely things you create.

Happy Holy Week!

PlainCatholic said...

Michelle and Jack: we offer up prayers for a smooth move, a quick healing of Jack's poor nose, and a wonderfully peaceful Easter!