Friday, September 14, 2018

Big catch up post!

Well now I had meant to post the first Sunday of the month after church. However, Sunday morning I came down with a very nasty stomach virus and Jack got it later that week. We are just now feeling a lot better and hope to be back in church Sunday.
Now onto the good stuff! We decided we needed an outing last Sunday afternoon and went to War Eagle Mill. It was a nice cool day and perfect for it.
Love this old mill!
Not feeling super whippy but here we are!
We are down in a lovely valley at the mill! We will be up on the mountain to the right going out.
The mill wheel. They do still grind grains here.
 Looking down at the valley. Still not quite to the top.
This is the bridge next to the mill we cross.
I love this old cabin we pass.
In crocheting, I am working another cross tablecover.
And continuing on my top.

Some of the lovely things at the apartment.

Goodies arrived this month as well. Two pioneer woman picnic baskets that were half off at Wal Mart. It will help taking goodies to church. A new teapot to replace my old rusted one also arrived.

Sylvia was ever at my side while I was so awful sick.
Meet Skippy as we have named him. He comes most days singing for a peanut and is not at all fearful. I can get an arms length from him to give him his peanut. He is this year's baby.
This is girly squirrel enjoying her peanut she got from Jack this afternoon. She is enjoying it on our neighbors porch!
Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


Lynda said...

Good to see a post and pics from you!

I'm glad you are both feeling better. xx

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Little Penpen said...

The mill is beautiful... I can see why you love it. Glad you two were able to get out and go. Your teapot is pretty and the basket sure will come in handy. Love the red cardinal that is so friendly with you. Good to hear from you!!

Sandra said...

I really hope both you and Jack are feeling better.

Loved your visit to the mill, it's my kind of outing :) Also, absolutely loveeeee your crochet, so pretty.

Out My window said...

So sorry you were sick. I love Cardinals we don't have then here and your crocheting is beautiful.

rosey175 said...

The mill looks awesome! How neat that they still grind grain there too. My husband and I like these kinds of random trips too.

Glad y'all are feeling better after a bout with the virus! That is the kind of sick that just seems to sap the life out of you.

Mary said...

So happy to see you posting again, you were missed! Glad you and Jack are feeling better. God bless you!

Margaret said...

So sorry you were both ill. Stomach bugs are the worst! Love your crochet pieces! And the little trip out looks like it was fun. Love mills! Hello to Sylvia! So cool about the little bird and the squirrel!

Maggie Ann said...

Sorry that you had a nasty stomach virus! What a shame to have to suffer through something like that. I enjoyed your blog post very much. The old mill was interesting and love seeing your needlework always. and how Sylvia stuck by you while you were sick! Your picnic basket is oh so so pretty. Hope your week is full of blessings.