Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Getting closer to some finishes

Well hello friends! I am getting close to finishing my top. I have about six more inches I need on it so not much longer!
And I am pretty close to finishing the table cover also.
A couple test patterns of some crosses. Which ever is chosen by our church will be made in white and added to table linens that we use.

I got a few rows done on my afghan this past week. That makes me happy!
This does not make me happy! We spent last Wednesday at urgent care. Jack had an infection in his hand. It is better but flared up a bit the last couple days.
We have a little differently-abled squirrel that has a hand that is not quite right. He does just fine though! He is enjoying a peanut.
And here is Sylvia being Sylvia.

Today jack became Dinoman at Wal Mart. Made the employees laugh!
Thanks for visiting. huggles and blessings.


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Little Penpen said...

Your crochet is beautiful. I am still trying to learn new stitches with youtube videos. Which makes me stare into your crochet pieces even more today. lol I hope to one day be able to whip out a few pretties like you seem to do,so effortlessly!!! Glad the hand is better and all is well in your world today. Hi Sylvia!

Mary said...

Glad to read another posting, you have been missed. As always I’m so impressed at your beautiful work. God bless you both!

Margaret said...

I hope Jack's hand is better now. Ouch! I love your top -- it's beautiful! Love all your crochet work. I just started a simple granny square afghan and I'm so excited about it. A square a day -- my wrist doesn't seem to like crochet much! But the mix is nice with crochet and knitting. Mia says hello to Sylvia!

rosey175 said...

o gosh, I saw those crazy masks at Walmart too! I admit to wanting to bring my husband shopping for cat heads ahaha~

All of your crochet is looking lovely. The afghan is looking more and more gorgeous with every ring!

Maggie Ann said...

Love your afghan! The design is so different and lovely. Everything you do is tops =) and I enjoy seeing your works in progress. I like Dino-man...that is fun

Laura Lane said...

I'm always amazed with all you get done!
Glad I dropped by tonight.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage