Friday, August 9, 2019

Where did July go?

I really do not know how July slipped away from me. Can I blame it on turning 60 on the 15th? LOL! So what has it been like for us? Mostly rainy and stormy and cool until August.
While we were in church on a Sunday morning a storm blew in and took one of the large oaks down behind our house. It was loud! The night before the thunder had been so bad it shook a cross off the wall in our bathroom and brought down some limbs. The guys at church are still trying to get the tree cut up.

We also had a beautiful foggy morning one day last week.
I finished up a lap blanket for a friend.
Played around with some plastic canvas too. Can you read it? Focus on the center blue patch.
Just today I finished a cross centerpiece for another friend.
And I am working on a shawl for myself. One can never have to many shawls! It iscalled Grandmother's German shells or something like that.
Jack and I found a sweet little table for seven dollars for sitting our tea tray on in the mornings. I plan to restain and stencil on it in the fall. And I go a new teapot to set on it. A nice big one for the days I am in serious need of tea!

And what is Sylvia up to you ask? Well she has decided she likes to go out in the backyard now or hang out on the deck with me. It then requires foot washing and naps!

It is also great fun to sneak into a cabinet when mom is trying to put away sodas!
And Jack and I are busily repairing and painting the inside of the house in two shades of silver. We started in our pink bathroom! Sorry for the bad picture. We are nearly done with it now.
I will leave you with a close up of my little spiderwort. It is a species of Wandering Jew.
Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


Mary said...

So good to see your post, my goodness you have had a spate of bad weather. It took me a minute but focusing on the center, did let me see Jesus, stitched in blue, and that Afghan is beautiful, I just love the colors. The teapot is sweet as well and Miss Sylvia seems to be keeping busy.

Regina said...

We have had some whopper of storms here too. Monsoon season will be ending in a few weeks but the thunderstorms seem to be tapering off.
I love your craft pictures and I was able to see the word Jesus right away in your plastic canvas.
Have a blessed week! It's good to hear from you.

Little Penpen said...

It's not because you are almost 60; it happens to me and I'm 56 . lol The year is really flying by. I hope you have a happy birthday!

Margaret said...

All of your handwork is so lovely! So funny -- I had to really stare at the blue and white piece for it to finally come into focus. lol! Love your spiderwort! And of course, cute Sylvia!

Maggie Ann said...

Love your red and white tea pot! Those kind of storms can be very scary....enjoyed my little visit here!