Monday, May 27, 2019

Back again!

Once again much time has passed between posts. My Jack has been pretty unwell with anemia since March. He is just now beginning to get better with a very high dose of prescription iron. He is also having quite a time of falling. He fell twice within a week and falls nearly every week at least once due to balance issues. The worst fall left him with a nasty wound on his elbow that we are still working on getting healed up.
And we have had so much rain it is just not funny! Fort smith south of us is having a terrible time of it and Oklahoma is also. Terrible! Our yard was flooded some out front from one down pour.
We were pretty chilly quite a bit here and enjoyed occasional fires in the fireplace until well into April.
Morning hot tea was so very nice on those chilly morns!
Sylvia was quite dismayed about her tree being in the kitchen so it has moved to the living room and the queen is happy now! She was trying to put the guilt trip on me in the kitchen before I moved her tree.
She is, however, quite happy with her afternoon sunbathing.

And happy also with the new mice her dad bought her. Jack, however, is not happy with the crack of dawn serenades as she brings her mouse to bed to play with.
We had a chilly and rainy day last week and this little guy sheltered on our deck until the next morning.
Jack surprised me with some lovely flowers one day!
And we added a pot of impatiens to the deck.
And I must not forget my lovely model showing off a tiny cross I made! It wore her out so a nap was in order afterwards!

I am also nearly finished with a small section of a prayer by Saint Patrick for our Priest's wife. I have enjoyed doing it so much!
I even have managed to squeeze in some work on an afghan. I am close to done with it and eager to get it done!
Thank you for visiting! Now that Jack is getting better, I hope to post every other week! Huggles and blessings.


Poppypatchwork said...

Nice to hear from you again, I hope Jack feels better soon, it's not nice when your balance goes. Love your photo's, glad you like your new home.

Bean said...

I saw a comic on face book where the mom says, "it has only rained twice this spring, once for 45 days and the second time for 25 days", it made me laugh because this has been a very rainy spring.

Hope Jack continues to heal. Glad to see that you guys and Sylvia are all settled in your new home.

Looking forward to less rainy days :)


PlainCatholic said...

So we check in and see you have moved! The house looks like a blessing. We are so glad you have found a good church home with good people too!

Prayers for Jack's recovery and for Her Royal Catness too.

Regina said...

Ouch that looks painful!Sylvia looks positively content. It's good to hear from you and will keep Jack in prayer.

Lynda said...

Good to see an update from you. I hope Jack is better soon.

We are just starting winter here, and although we've not had much rain yet, it is cold, cold, cold!

Nice to see you are still getting time for crafting, and that Sylvia is enjoying life :) xx

stitchinrose said...

so glad you are doing well. I haven't been reading blogs lately. Too busy with, I work at my church and had to chuckle when you talked about the bishop's visit as that is what has been keeping me so busy. Really like your new house. Where did you find the St Patrick sampler, I have never seen it would love to stitch it. Hope Jack feels better soon and that now you are moved things go smoothly.

Mary said...

I’m glad to hear Jack is recovering. You take care of yourself too.

Margaret said...

I do hope Jack is improving! Poor thing. I've been hearing about all the rain you all have been getting down south. I hope it's not too bad right now! Sylvia is so funny -- she's got to have her way, just like Mia! Take care!