Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I have returned!

Hello, hello! Not a lot of stitching to show but there is some. I am trying to finish this up as I am really very close! It is called Family of change by Frank O'Randle. I had to search and search to find the skein of navy I needed to finish it. Bozz is being sure to help me with it!

Jack is still working away on his baby quilt. Sorry no picture. Mostly I was working on a bunch of crosses hearts, and bookmarks. Still have angels and more crosses to make. Here is my messy little corner with ttting and crochet little projects.
A few weeks back after a service we were greeted by these precious folks who came by to sing chants with us and we received communion which was a blessing. From left to right Kouria Marilyn, Tom, Father John, Anasia, and her dad Jeremy.
Last week I bought a shamrock and planted it on Sylvia's grave. Eventually, it will be a lovely garden of shamrocks and hostas.
Last week, Nicole brought us this lovely Pascha basket. How fun and we act like kids at times and play with the flute that was in the basket! What great blessings God gives us.
Our sky last night as storms rolled in!
We had carolina wrens nesting in the broken fan on the deck. Should have replaced it already, but they were a joy to watch. This is one of the parents trying to get them to leave the nest. We have purple martins and robins nesting on the front porch.
Jack and I had an outing today and went to a second hand store that we really enjoy! I got this mirror for the half bath for sixteen dollars and a brand new light for the dining room for twenty five dollars. Sorry no picture of the light.
And now for Bozz news. He is becoming quite the fella! The fear aggression is gone now and I am so glad I did not give up on him when it was so bad. He is getting more affectionate every day, meows more, cuddles, loves and is a total nut!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


Poppypatchwork said...

I am so glad Buzz has settled, love the photo of him in the dishwasher. Your work as always is stunning, you are so talented. Stay safe.

Nancy said...

I'm guessing that Bozz is also glad you didn't give up on him.

† Journaling Through Faith † said...

Good Morning... :-) Hope all is well with you all. :-) LOL The dishwasher one is a hoot. Love it... He takes a Great photo ;-)

Margaret said...

Your crochet and handiwork is all so beautiful! I love the pictures of your new sweetie. So glad he is settling in.

Joyful said...

Prayers for your move to Joplin to be near your brother. I'm sure you will be a blessing to him and make new friends quickly.