Tuesday, October 3, 2006

bumblebee doily

I love to make doilys! I have a very large collection of them. This is a large doily about 30 inches across. it has bumblebees all around on a honeycomb. Sorry the picture is not better.


  1. Michelle, your doily is beautiful! Wow! Thirty inches is big and I can just imagine how long it took you too make it. It that called tatting?

  2. Oh I LOVE doilies, they are just beautiful.

    Yours is just gorgeous and 30 inches...Oh my goodness, it's wonderful :)

    Thanks for sharing your crafts, I'm loving those snowmen too :)

    Have a great day,

  3. Hi Michelle :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog :) I appreciate it :)

    I love your doily-my mom crochets doilies and table cloths-she does beautiful work and I have reaped the benefits of her work for my table :) -I can crochet and knit too-but cross stitch is my passion!

    I ADORE your snowmen-I love snowmen and yours are so cute!

  4. Michelle, you've been VERY busy! What great work you've done. The doilies are gorgeous. I love praying mantis, big or small :)

  5. Michelle, what a spectacular doily!! I love it. I tried my hand at crocheting when I was young, but my tension was too high, and so what started out as a round doily for my grandmother became a little pot! ROFL


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