Monday, October 2, 2006

Pray for the amish in PA.

Have you heard about the shooting in Amish country? A man walked into a one room amish school and took them all hostage. He released the boys and some of the adults. Before the state police could stop him, he shot several of the girls. Three have died and he killed himself. This is the third school shooting in the last week. Please say a prayer for this evil to stop.


Kathleen Marie said...

This is just so horrible! I was shocked by the shooting in Colorado, near Columbine even. This is just too weird! We are definitely praying that this horror stops.

Martha said...

Our hearts are breaking. I'm am so thankful there is something to look forward to beyond this life. Where would we be without the love of Christ?

Pamela said...

My heartfelt prayers are with the families of those poor innocent girls. I don't understand how someone can just crack like is such a tradgedy.