Monday, October 2, 2006

Herbert & the horses

Here is my buddy Herbert the scarecrow. Old Herbert has been with us a couple years now. Each time he likes to come out around the first of September and hang out by the front door next to the marigolds. Herbert just stands there and smiles at everyone. Sometimes he waves too. And if I don't patch up his britches, Herbert is going to be mighty embarrased!

See the horses in my header? These are my buddies that live in the pasture out back of our duplex. They aren't ours but I just love to pet and feed them. One of them is a sucker for a scratch behind the ear. He leans into it so much I think he is going to tip right on over. I get lots of warm nuzzles with those soft noses too.

Oh and for everyone who might be curious, yes, Katie-Bug was so named before she started eating grasshoppers!


Pamela said...

Love your new header! I have a passion for horses too. Used to ride quite a bit and haven't for years now.

Yes, I do believe we should keep Herbert

Katie Bug is an adorable name for a cute dog. We have a long haired black and white Shih Tzu named Shivan. :) Enjoy your evening! I gain weight just looking at cookies

Kathleen Marie said...

The scarecrow is too cute. When we lived on the farm I often had a scarecrow. I should do something to make my house more festive the autumn!

Thanks for the comments on my blog :)