Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chilly Good Morning!

My goodness it was chilly this morning. Had to turn the heat on for a bit to warm up. Jack and I had some hot drinks for breakfast. he had tea and I chose coffee. Katie was glad for her sweater on our walk. I was wishing I had covered my ears!!!! LOL! They felt like ice cubes by the time I got home! Tomorrow promises to be colder! Oh joy!!!!

Yippee on one thing!!! My Rainbow Bridge chart arrived yesterday. I love it! The fabric will have to be almost two feet long. I will make it into a banner. I will need some extra fabric to stitch on as I am going to put Bubba Joe and Mr. Max's birth and death dates on it.
Well, Here are some more of my older projects.
Of course the top one is a Jeremiah Junction. The 23rd Psalm I can not remember who put it out. I do know it was quite a bit of work! But I really like it.


Julianne said...


Great work! I love the 23rd Psalm piece. The sheep by the stream are so peaceful. I love the JJ piece too.

Pamela said...

Michelle, Lovely pieces! The first one seems so intricate with all the hearts. Love the 23 Psalm, just precious!

Have a wonderful evening and maybe you can crochet yourself some little earmuffs to match Katie Bug! lol Glad you got your new rainbow project in the mail...sounds awfully ambitious! lol Have oodles of fun!