Sunday, October 1, 2006

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

My sweetie is 53 years old today! I asked him if he felt 53 and he said, "No, I feel 153!" Poor guy is having a lot of pain the last few days. For those who don't know, he has degenerative arthritis in his back, knees, feet and neck. But you will still find him taking a short walk in the evening and cross stitching. We just laugh at our health woes and keep on trucking. Last night, I made him a fudge marble cake with cream cheese frosting. This is a rare treat as Jack is borderline diabetic. I made sure it was okay for him to have it. As long as he eats very little, it is cool for him to eat some.

It is a lovely day here today. A little warm but that is the rollercoaster of fall.


  1. Happy Birthday Jack!

  2. Happy birthday Jack!! Hope it's a wonderful day for you :D

  3. Jack, Happy Birthday to you! The cake sounds so yummy--I love seeing pictures of you all and your dog and stitching--so wonderful--like visiting someone's home. The picture of the dog blowing out the candles (and the frosting) is a hoot!

  4. H A P P Y H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y
    *************J A C K*****************

    I am so sorry to hear Jack has degenerative arthritis. My hubby had an employee that had that and she was one of his best employee's because she said it felt better to keep moving. She wouldn't even sit down and instead, preferred to lean up against the wall, that's a lot of pain...

    Nice that you both enjoy Cross stitching! :)

  5. Happy Birthday to you and many more!

  6. Happy Birthday, Jack!

  7. Happy Birthday to Jack!!

    You are so thoughtful and caring Michelle, it's a great treat for Jack for sure!!

    Enjoy your day!!

  8. That cake sounds delicious! Hope you both enjoyed it!


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