Saturday, October 7, 2006

Just have to do it!

Okay, Jack will likely give me the "LOOK" if he sees this pic on here but I am going to do it anyway!!!! I just love this picture. I took it during a cold spell this September. Katie was chilly and wanted to snuggle with Jack in his chair. She was shivering so he tucked her into her afghan. Pretty soon, Jack was snoozing away. His "Power Naps" as he calls it. Just look at how Katie is looking at him! LOL! I love it!!!


  1. What a cute and cozy picture. I'd so get in trouble if I took a picture like that of BF and posted it though--my guy's afraid someone will figure out he's losing his hair-LOL. Tell Jack I enjoyed his "On the Can." And I agree that the bear looks impatient.

  2. What great pictures. Can't beat snuggling with a puppy in an afghan.


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