Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Katie-Bug's Sweater

Look what mom made for me!!!!! I am such a lucky girl! It is supposed to be 30 degrees one morning. That is cold! Mom worked so hard to get me a sweater crocheted so I would stay warm on our morning walks. It was nice to have it on this morning. It was chilly and drizzly but I was most toasty! Thanks mom!!!!!!!


  1. Now that is one sweet picture and you look so cute in your lavender sweater...Lucky you!!

  2. Katie looks so toasty warm in her pretty purple sweater!!
    (we're sunny and warm, wearing shorts here!)

  3. You are amazing! So talented! lol Katie Bug look sooo cute. I love the color too.

    Just the mention of 30 degrees makes me stiffen up and picture icycles hanging down all of my body...burrr! lol

  4. Awwww--how precious she is! Nice music!


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