Sunday, October 15, 2006


These are a set of villages from Jeremiah Junctions magazine Cross Country Stitching. I have one more done that I haven't photographed yet. I was feeling pretty smug 'cause I thought I was about done with them. So what did they do? They started adding more to them! LOL! I will never get them all done. But I will have fun doing them!


  1. The Village set is so heartwarming and lovely. All that detail is just beautiful. I have a small modest Christmas village I set up on my piano every Christmas. Well, with them expanding your crossstitch series you would have a very unique collection to hang up on the wall. Wouldn't that be something! :) Enjoy your Sunday afternoon, hope you are staying warm. :)

  2. They look great, Michelle!
    I have a lot of trouble commenting to your blog as it is beta blogger and they are still working out the kinks...but I do read and comment when blogger allows me :)

  3. Very nice, Michelle. I love the patterns in the Jeremiah Junctions magazines.

  4. Beautiful stitching, Michelle. I always like JJ patterns. They are a LOT of work to stitch. You've got a beautiful collection started.

  5. How I LOVE these JJ designs! You're doing a GREAT job with them! Do you intend to frame them?
    Your dog's pics make me smile every time, thank you for sharing, Michelle.
    Take care!

  6. Those are absolutely amazing! What are going to do with them-frame them?

  7. Oh I love these so much...what a terrific job you did!! I wish I knew how to cross stitch but it's something I never learned...I don't knit, sew or crochet either! But I can bake!! lol

  8. WOW!!!! *jaw drop*

    Gorgeous, Michelle, GORGEOUS!!!!!

  9. Your stitchery talents are absolutely amazing. What impresses me most is the sheer quantity of items you produce!

    Be blessed friend!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    Just diggin' in the archives today!


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