Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy dance!!!!

Well, I am doing a happy dance today! I finished up my angel yesterday. I think she came out really nice! Working with that braid though was a big pain in the neck! I hope I never have to do that much of it again for a long time!

And I am almost done with my Happy Home piece! I took this photo this morning but I have even more done now. All but the letter H in happy and the letter A are done. Most of the vines are too. i have been a stitching machine today!

I hate the thought of not having anything to cross stitch on this next month. Even with the move coming up I will have free time on my hands. I love to crochet but can't do a lot at one sitting so I need a cross stitch project. Most everything of our cross stitching is packed up. However, I rooted around in my big basket and found this. It is "A midsummer night's fairy" from Mirabella. It is a kit I got when Hobby Lobby was getting rid of most of their cross stitch items. I couldn't afford a fifty four dollar kit for all the tea in china! However, I got this one for ten dollars because the beads are missing. Not a big deal to me. They can easily be replaced! So that is my news for now! See ya soon!


  1. Oh your finished angel is just beautiful Michelle and that Happy Home project is going to be stupendous :)
    Love your Mirabilia kit and you are right...beads are not a big deal to replace :)

  2. Omigosh, Michelle, that angel is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I can just imagine what it looks like in person! As for the faerie project you'll be working still my heart! lol You know me and faeries, I find them all so very beautiful:-) Can't wait to see it when you're done!! Every time I go shopping and see cross stitching projects I think of you! lol xox

  3. What a stunning achievement, Michelle! Congratulations!
    Your banner is coming along nicely too!
    This Midsummer night's fairy is very beautiful...
    I loved seeing Kathy lying on her back and so obviously happy to be there... Thanks for sharing!

  4. Congratulations, Michelle :) Both are gorgeous!

  5. The angel looks wonderful!!! Congratulations on finishing her. I am looking forward to seeing your Happy Home project finished it really is beautiful. I have had my eye on that fairy chart for awhile but haven't got around to stitching it yet, I will enjoy watching and reading about your progress.

  6. As you know Michelle I am a lover of angels and I NEED To have that one! What is the name/company? There are not many angels that make me go WOW and actually stare at it more than a moment but this is one of them! Please share the info with me!

  7. Wow and super wow! I LOVE that angel. Both of them really. That fairy is gorgeous. I LOVE faeries. They are just so pretty. You sure have been super busy!

    I pray you move goes very smoothly!

    Hugs to you!

  8. Very beautiful. I wish I was "crafty" like you. :)

  9. The angel is beautiful - congrats on the finish!

  10. Your angel looks gorgeous! Congrats on the finish.


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