Friday, February 23, 2007

Got some goodies today!

This is some fabric that came in the mail today. I have so been waiting for it to arrive! It was given to me by a sweet person on the Cross Stitch Crazy forum we both belong to. She was given a whole bunch of fabric samples by a relative that has a furniture store. She said she wanted to pass it on to others. When I saw these lovely colors that will go so well with my home colors, how could I resist! not sure yet what I want to do with it. But I will figure it out!

We have been blessed with some beautiful weather this week. More than one day I have been able to take Katie out and neither of us has needed a coat. This is a picture of her today soaking up the sun. Her favorite thing to do!

It has been so nice to be in the backyard, seeing the horses lazing in the warmth of the sun. I have heard meadowlarks, cardinals and lots of other birds just singing away. They know spring is coming and I think they are just as anxious for it as we humans are. I have even seen a few of the earlier leafing trees just beginning to get buds. I only hope we don't have a sudden cold snap and freeze them. Most trees won't begin to bud out for a few weeks yet. We are going to pay for the nice weather though. We are supposed to have rain and maybe even thunderstorms Saturday. The rain is fine but not thunderstorms! I don't much like them.
I am making progress on my two pieces I am cross stitching. Not so much as to share another picture but I am going along pretty good. So until next time, hugs to you all!


PEA said...

Hugs back to you Michelle:-) Oh what beautiful fabric your friend sent wonderful that she was willing to share it!! I just know whatever you make with it will be beautiful. You're very lucky to be having such Spring like weather over there...when I woke up this morning it was -8F and the wind was making it feel like -30F so it certainly doesn't feel like Spring here! lol I didn't even go out today, just too cold. Much rather stay inside where it's warm and cozy:-) xox

Lucy said...

Spring is my favorite season....I am so ready for it, tho no signs in Pennsylvania yet.