Friday, February 9, 2007

blessings from Dizzy Rizzy

This is from a little newsletter I get in my e mail everyday. I thought it could encourage someone like it did me. See, I have been struggling the last couple weeks with my bi polar. Some of you know that I am bi polar and many don't. You also may or may not know that I have anxiety and am agoraphobic which means I don't often leave the house other than to walk Katie and a country ride. It is a struggle when I do have to go somewhere where there are lots of people. But do not feel sorry for me please! I love my life and I am happy most of the time. Even if I am not having a happy day, I do find the joy each and every day no matter how hard I have to look! God has healed me of many, many things but He chose to leave this thorn in my flesh. I truly believe it is so that I can encourage others and have empathy for people having hard times in their lives. I want to use my issues to be a better witness and person for Him. I am blessed! I mean I have a loving husband, a loving furchild, hobbies I enjoy, my friends on here. What more do I need? So here is the poem. may it bless you!

Life is not even or level or smooth,

Sometimes it goes uphill.

Sometimes your footholds seem to slip

And you think you’re in for a spill.

You may trip or stumble or fall face down

And think it’s over for you,

But when you falter and things get tough

Jesus will be there it’s true.

You see in the wilderness for forty days,

Jesus struggled, so he understands.

He knows the doubts and fears that you have

As you daily face life’s demands.

Don’t think you’re abandoned or left all alone

To face a future so bleak.

Just trust in Jesus to show you the way,

And daily his leadership seek.

There will still be days when you feel afraid,

And days when you can’t see your way,

But keep trusting and hoping and following him

And someday you’ll be shouting hooray.

Our life isn’t over when we leave this world,

In fact it’s just starting you see.

If we trust in Jesus as our Savior and Lord,

We with him forever will be.

Bob Heffner 9-26-01
Thanks Archie


PEA said...

Dear Michelle...that poem is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing it. My heart goes out to you because I know exactly what you are going through. I suffer from chronic anxiety and was agoraphobic for 11 years...I would still be today if it wasn't for finding a good psychiatrist who put me on a medication that is finally helping me. I can now go out again but some days are still hard for me. Anytime you need to talk I'm here:-) Hugs xoxo

zzop357 said...

My daughter is bi-polar also.I don't feel sorry for you but I do understand.She feels she has to be in control,but that scares her too.It's hard sometimes to watch her struggle and not be able to help.But medication does help,I wish there was more I could do.
But life such as it is,Is still better than no life.
I wish you well.

Vicki said...

The more I come to know about you, the more you amaze me. You are a wonderful woman. Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem with us.