Friday, February 2, 2007

Let's have some fun!

Let's pick on Katie a little bit! I mean it sounds like fun too me! So here we go!

Where is her head?

Nothing like a nap on mom's lap!

It's a nose!!!!!!!!

Sleep, glorious sleep!

Now that we have had a laugh, here is another little meme. It is from Susie's Space
and is five things about me you might not know.


1. When I was little, my younger brother and I were playing in the barn. Being the graceful thing I am I slipped and landed in a cow muffin! Right on my hind end! Gross!

2. Right after my mom died when I was nine, my other brother and I were playing in my aunt's basement. We found a couple pairs of boxing gloves and put them on and went at it. I wasn't afraid of it hurting. My brother said with the gloves on it wouldn't hurt a bit. Of course we all know brother's don't lie! Yeah, right! He hit me square in the eye and it DID too hurt! I cried and cried so much that grandma gave me a quarter too make me quit crying! I had a black eye for a week! LOL!

3. I used to work on my own car when I was able. I even changed out a transmission, did my own brake work and tuned them up myself! I even used to do body work on them and loved doing it!

4. When I worked at the Mariott in Wichita I met Travis Tritt, Lynyrd Sknyrd, Ray Charles and some other famous folks.

5. And lastly once again showing my grace and all, I once got my arm stuck between the washing machine and the wall. I was trying to retrieve a paper bag that had fallen down there! Thank goodness I wasn't home by myself or I might have been there for hours!

Hope you have enjoyed this post! Have a blessed day!


PEA said...

Awww such cute pictures of Katie! lol I really enjoyed your Meme...lucky you to have met some of those celebrities!! I had to laugh at the one of you stuck between the washing machine and wall...great video for Funniest Home Videos! hehe

Kitt said...

Awww...sweetie Katie! Golly, don't you wish you could sleep like they do?
Adorable photos!

Vonna said...

Lovely Katie pictures :)

I enjoyed reading all of your, Travis Tritt??? I would have wet my britches :)

Annemarie said...

Heehee, that's a great meme, Michelle. Love the pics!

Susie said...

Hi Michelle,
So glad you did this fun meme! I used to work in an auto shop, so I have a good knowledge of how cars are put together too!

Roo said...

Hiya Katie-Bug!! I'm so sorry I was away for so long! I sure have missed you cousin! You look so adorable in your pictures. I especially love the nose peeking out of the blankie one! I have posted a new post on my blog if you'd like to check it out and I promise I will stay in touch more!!!

Love your cousin & pal,

Meari said...

Ohh... I'm going to add "the" five to my blog!