Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Word-filled Wednesday

With all the tornados, flooding, rain and people's personal trials going on right now I thought this was most appropriate for our Word-filled Wednesday. No matter waht happens, god is there with strength for today! Want to join us? Visit Amydeanne's blog and sign up!


  1. Perfect words for what is happening in the world today! xoxo

  2. I am going to lean on this scripture in the coming week! Roads are flooding over everywhere close to us!

  3. A very nice bit of the Word you shared and something we should all try to remember!

  4. My Wordless Wednesdays seldom are, so I guess I should be doing Wordful Wednesdays instead!

    That's a lotta watta! I'm glad you're not flooded, but feel bad for those who are.

    So many sad things!

  5. Great post! And so appropriate!

  6. "ready for anything and equal to anything..." I know it's true, but sometimes it doesn't feel that way!!


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