Friday, July 6, 2007

So sorry I haven't posted much or been reading blogs much. It has just been so busy with us moving. I really tried to keep up with my reading but I am plum tuckered by days end! It is humid and hot even though we are taking our load of boxes in the mornings early. Tomorrow is time for laundry. Sunday will be our last service at the little church down the alley. Kinda sad about that! However, we will be attending our little country church in El Do which is a great deal like the church here. On Sundays the weather doesn't allow us to travel out there, we will attend the church my cousin pastors not far from us. Packing is all done except for my good glasses in the kitchen. We should only have a big box and our furniture on Thursday the 12th when we have the moving truck. I will be offline from the 12th until about the 17th or so. The sooner the better. I am going to try and post an update of Jack's stitching before then. i haven't touched mine this week at all. So that is it for now!


  1. I haven't moved for 29 years! We moved in July and it was hot that time. I wonder if I ever will again. How neat that you get to go back to a familiar church!

  2. Wow the move is coming up FAST! Hope things go smoothly!Suz

  3. Take care through all this. Glad you've been able to move a little bit at a time. Makes it easier - although moving just plain isn't easy!!!!

  4. Thinking only good thoughts of you and for you during this move.
    I feel badly that you've had to do it so soon since the last time :(
    But I know you will be the happier for it!
    BIG Hugs :)

  5. Please don't apologize for not posting or visiting much....we know how very busy you are right now with packing and moving:-) Just wish I lived nearby to be able to help! I'm really excited for you and can't wait to see you settled in your new home:-) xox

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Moving can be very stressful (as you know from having recently done that)
    Take some time for yourselves to do something fun too!

  7. Good luck on the move. Remember to drink a lot of fluids in the hot weather. We will miss you while your offline.

  8. Hi Michelle,
    I'm so glad for you to be moving to a better place where you will have family and a home church! I'll be looking out for you to return!

  9. Wishing an easy and uncomplicated move!! :D


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