Friday, July 27, 2007

Surprises, curtains and stitching!

First, I am sorry that this has so many photos. Sorry if it takes a bit to load up! Let's start with stitching. Just look at the progress Jack is making on his quilt! The stuffed animals are starting to come to life!
He is very near the halfway point! It is so lovely!
Here is one of my projects, my sampler. First the overall aspect.
Now the area where I have been working. I am VERY near the halfway point! The slanted gobelin stitch for the clapboards is about to drive me nuts! I have done the stitch before when needle pointing but not on even weave. Nearly makes me cross eyed! See my funky "chicken" birds? that is what I call them. Silly looking things!
I hesitated showing you a pic of our den. that is why it wasn't in the slideshow. It is still a mess and a work in progress. I so love the view of the backyard from here with all the trees and grass, birds and such.
Now some things that were given to us by my aunt and uncle. They will be 79 in November just a few days apart and just celebrated 60 years of marriage! WOW! They are moving to a condo in Colorado to be near one daughter and the grandkids. My uncle has emphysema and the humidity in the summer here and mowing makes it really tough on him. I will miss them! Anyway they gave us some things that I really appreciate. First my little basket full of silk flowers and a little bird.
This picture belonged to my uncles grandmother and I am so honored they gave it to us. It is very, very old! We were also given some kitchen serving items, my grandmothers old jewelery box and her costume jewelery which is worth a million to me!
My aunt's philodendron and he is pretty old to and so lovely. I hope he will be happy here.
And yes I got some curtains made. One for the utility room door. I thought some other color with blue in it would be nice. Trying not to overdo the blue!
My bedroom window curtains. i barely had enough of this fabric to make them! Therefore they don't have much gather to them but pretty anyway. Oh, see the funny patch above the window? That is a test failure. They painted over wallpaper border and we tested to see if it could be removed. It can't, so we will have to repair loose spots, and Spackle and all that good stuff! UGGGHHH!
So there it is. My week thus far. Sorry this post is so long and I hope it didn't bore you to death. Now on to make a lace curtain for the kitchen window! BYE!


Penless Thoughts said...

You never bore me with the beautiful work you and your husband do. I also love seeing how you are fixing up your new place so very nice and cute.

How wonderful to get all those items. I know they mean even more to you because of who's they were.

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

I love your photos! Photos allow us to get to know each other a little better. Jack's quilt is wonderful, and I love the sampler. I know you will miss your aunt and uncle. I'm so sorry about his health.

Blessings to you and yours. Have a blessed weekend!

Susie said...

I loved all the pictures Michelle, and it loaded very quickly for me..
What treasures you were given. They will be beautiful remembrances of your family!
You've really been working on making your home cheery and cozy. So cute!

Morning Glory said...

This loaded fine for me, too.

The quilt and sampler are just beautiful! And the old Last Supper picture is such a gem.

Gran - (Angela) said...

What beautiful work that you've done on the quilt and the sampler.

I am so glad that your family members were willing to share special items that you will treasure forever.

My grandmother had a picture of the Last Supper almost like yours. Items like those are priceless.

Your curtains are looking very nice, you are making a lot of progress.:)

I hope that you continue the week with much success in with your projects.