Thursday, July 19, 2007

Time for a visit!

Here is the Sheik of El Do mowing his yard! LOL! Hey, the wet towel keeps him cool so whatever but it looks funny!
Now here is the way to spend a hot day!
Jack is coming along nicely on his baby quilt! And I managed to get a little done on my sampler!

Here is a video of katie battling that evil monster that lives in the closet! You know, the one that terrifies kids at night! Sorry it is a little dark but you can sure hear her nose hitting the door!


Sharon said...

How nice to see you back! Both of your wip's are looking good. Katie is too funny!

Susie said...

Hi Michelle!
Katie is such a funny addition to your family. I know how precious she is to you. Love the baby quilt. Someone is going to be very lucky to get that!!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

The Sheik does look I guess it's heated up in Arkansas as well as it has here in Texas. LOVE the movie!! Also love that quilt!

groovyoldlady said...

I don't do wet towels, but I do do a lovely green head net to keep the black flies away. I look so super groovy in it that cars actually stop to mean, admire!

Meari said...

Tell him it'd look a little less conspicuous if he threw a wet towel in the freezer for a bit and then wrapped it around the back of his neck. LOL... sheik! Katie looks so comfty! :) All your projects look great.

Barbara said...

I just checked the cross stitch video and am blown away at how clever you are.