Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy, toasty Thursday!

here is Katie taking care of her patient. Poor Jack! He looked so tired and so miserable! Thank you to everyone who was concerned over him. I am happy to report that today he is feeling some better. not quite as much swelling and a bit less pain.
Look at the surprise I got in the mail from my friend Barbara in Germany. I just really didn't expect anything. It is for my birthday which was the 15th of July. She gave me some lovely floss, a crystal in a cute angel bag, wonderful smelling soaps and made the gorgeous card! Of all weeks this is one that I really needed a blessing like that!
Now a question for you guys! What in the name of pete is this thing? I really and truly don't have a clue! It was left in the house when we rented it. The landlords asked us what it is and I have no idea! I know it has a chain to hang it up with and although the top looks removable, it isn't! It is kinda pretty though and I think I will keep it.


  1. I must have missed something, I didn't know Jack had been ill. I am glad he is doing better. Your birthday is one day after my first daughter and her name is Michele with one L. Isn't that something. She turned 48 this year. I hope you had a very happy birthday. connie from Texas

  2. Isn't it amazing how quickly the first year of blogging goes? Will be anxiously awaiting the information on the drawing.

    I haven't a clue what that is - I hope someone else does!

  3. Glad Jack is feeling a little better. Lovely gifts.

  4. I also missed the fact that Jack was ill. Glad he's doing better.
    A whole year of blogging? Congratulations!
    I also have no clue what that container is for. Let us know if you find out!!

  5. Poor Jack, hope he's 100% better real soon!! Glad to see that Katie is taking such good care of him! hehe What a wonderful birthday package you received in the mail...those are the best kind of surprises:-) As for that container...I'm wondering if it's not some kind of bird pour the seeds in the hole on top and the birds can get them out from those holes at the bottom?? The only thing is there is no place for them to perch! I've really got no idea! lol xox

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to you in case I missed it...
    It looks like you got some great items...
    I have no idea what that is other than maybe some sort of lantern that uses a tealight candle maybe??

  7. Hi sweetie! I didn't realize I missed your birthday! So Happy Birthday! Hope hubby feels better. At least he has Katie to cheer him up!

  8. How wonderful of Barbara and the gifts are so lovely. I don't have any idea on the "thing" either. I'm like you, I think it is very pretty and I would keep it!!! Hang it up over your kitchen window maybe?

  9. Hi Michelle,

    I'm glad that Jack is feeling better. Your package from your friend in Germany is great. What a pretty card she made for you!

  10. Jack doesn't look too happy in that pick. Glad he's feeling better and that Katie is watchin over him.

    Happy Belated Birthday! Your gift from Barbara is wonderful.

    I wonder if that ceramic thing is a potpourri holder?


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