Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lots of fun this time!

Here is my cousin Pastor Brent and his gorgeous wife Jennifer. They were off on a vacation today and will be gone on their late son Dustin's 18th birthday. Join me in praying that this will be a journey of healing for them.
Sweet, innocent little Katie!
konked out Katie!
My current WIP. I have been going to town on this one! Ran out of the dark blue thread! So that means I will have to FORCE my self to go to Ehler's. Poor me, LOL!

Susan tagged me to do this a bit ago. Sorry I am so slow about doing it. I am going to cheat by not tagging anyone. If you wish to do it, feel free to!

ACCENT - I have been told I have one but I don't think I do.
I DON"T DRINK - alcohol, or soda
CHORE I HATE - vacumning because it really hurts my back!
PETS - You all know katie the world's most rotten min pin!
ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS -My camera and computer
PERFUME - I don't wear perfume!
GOLD or SILVER - Neither really. I only wear a wedding ring and no other jewelery
INSOMNIA - Sleeping is a big issue with me!
JOB TITLE - When I worked almost all my jobs involved cleaning.
MOST ADMIRED TRAIT -I try to find the good in people.
KIDS - none.
PHOBIA - spiders, the dark when I am alone, unfamiliar or crowded places.
RELIGION - I am a Christian who now practices modest dress and attend my cousin's non denominational church.
SIBLINGS - 1 older half-brother, a younger brother and my baby brother who is in Heaven
TIME I WAKE UP - Seven or seven-thirty since I often don't fall asleep until two or after.
UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL - I don't think I have any!
VEGETABLE - Yes, please! LOL! Like about any veggie except cucumbers and a couple others.
WORST HABIT - Worry and talking way to much when I am on hyper speed!
X-RAYS - Many, many, many!
MY FAVORITE MEAL - Depends on my mood!
So there you have it!


Laura H. said...

I really like that cross stitch pattern, with the lady and the man. Where did your friend get it? I have several people getting married, and I want to cross stitch something nice for them!

Laura H

~Velda said...

Prayers for your friends....

Great stitching, I think I've seen that piece before the colours are stunning...

you can always tag me for those silly games! lol

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for doing this one Michelle. I enjoyed it and getting to know you a little better!

HOW in the world can you say you have no talent when you do the beautiful craft work and stitching you do!!!!!!!! You have very special talent my friend.

Anna S said...

I love your cross stitch work. I should make more progress on my project too... I've been working on it for ages!

This is my first visit to your blog. Thank you for visiting mine. I look forward to 'seeing' you again!

groovyoldlady said...

Gee, I don't think you have an accent...

I started teaching the girlies to cross stitch this week. Silly-Head immediately wanted to change all the colors!

Kathleen Marie said...

It is so nice learning more about you!... It is nice to hear that someone practices modest dress. I am with you on that one.

Can't wait to see your project when it is done. You are so talented!

God Bless!

PEA said...

My prayers to your cousin and his wife, it will certainly be a sad time for them but as you said, hopefully a healing time as well. Awwww look at my favourite little pup..I so love seeing pictures of her:-) Enjoyed reading your answers to the and me both about the fear of spiders! UGH! Have a great Labour Day weekend my friend! Love ya! xoxox


I will be prying for your family members. I think you have so many skills. You are one of the sweetest people that I know. I know what you mean by vaccuming. I recently bought me an Orick vaccum. It is wonderful doesn't hurt my back at all. I am so thankful for it. I love to do my own cleaning and JIm was having to help me with a lot of it. He still does all the really low bending kind but most of the other I can do my self now. See you later have a good week end and be happy. connie from Texas

Marsha said...

Hi, I found your blog over at blog village. My blog is listed there too.

I am working on learning how to sew. My grandma, who made me a lovely quilt as a child, recently sent me some embroidered panels for me to stich together with a border and turn into a quilt for my daughter. Similar to the one she made for me as a child. I love the beauty and love of passing on this family tradition. She lives very far away, and I am learning all this on my own. I am enjoying your blog and your love of sewing. An inspiriation.