Thursday, August 9, 2007

Blogiversary rules and entry!

Okay kids, here we go!

1) You must Pay It Forward by doing something nice for 3 people within one year. Or more if you want to! Doesn't have to be something homemade or fancy.
2) You must comment on this post and tell me you want to be part of the drawing.
3) You have until August 15th to get an entry in!
4) Katie will draw the winners on the 16th.
5) Wait with great anticipation to get your surprise! It may come in a week, two weeks or two months! It's a surprise when it will arrive!
What might you get? Okay a little tease! Here are some samples of what I might send!


PEA said...

Yes, please, I want to be in your draw and I agree to your rules! hehe Oh Michelle, it would be so much fun to receive anything you make...hope Katie picks me!!!! lol

T*mmy said...

Well aren't those just the cutest things!!

Angela said...

Michelle,I would love to be in your draw and I also agree to all of your rules. It would be an honor to receive something that you make. They are all beautiful!

groovyoldlady said...

I must be in this contest because I am a fool for doilies! Seriously, they're making me drool! And the pins are cute too.

As soon as my world stops spinning I'll do some nice things for other nice folks. Lesse, I have a book to give away, and...

(Groovy leaves the computer to add one more to-do stickie note to her crazy summer pile.)

Lana said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hi! I'd love to win something from those wonderful prizes please:~D If giving knitted gifts to preemie parents counts, then I'll be nice to more than one person;~D

vegasangelbrat said...

Happy Blogiverary Chell...hadn't realized its been a year, does time fly by!
I always pay it forward..thats just me :) Just trying to catch up some..sorry haven't visited in a while. Have a good one!!