Thursday, August 23, 2007

This, that and the other!

Here is the progress on my heart. I have been working hard on him this week and am really close to finishing it.
This is a project I started on tonight. The fabric doesn't show up well but it is a blue-violet aida made by DMC. My friend Mary B. gave me the pattern! Thank you Mary and I am finally cross stitching it! LOL!
I want to share a fabric dye recipe for all you cross stitchers.

Fabric Dye With Kool Aid
2 packages of kool aid
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup white vinegar
Heat water until hot but not boiling. Remove from heat, add kool aid and stir until dissolved. Add vinegar. Place fabric in mixture and soak 15 minutes. Rinse, soak another 15 minutes, rinse and iron dry.

Thought you would like to see a picture of our church. This is where my cousin Brent preaches and was once the Lutheran church before they disbanded. It is a gorgeous old building with stain glass windows and a gorgeous wooden ceiling inside.

Here is a little slide show of my favorite store here in town called Ehler's variety. They have a little bit of everything! David and Kathy are the owner's children and actually pretty much run the store. I am afraid the picture of Kathy didn't come out to clear. Sorry.


  1. What a beautiful church. Thanks for the dye recipe...I have saved it. Love your new projects.

  2. What a nice little store!

  3. Thanks for the recipe, I always wondered how those great looking fabrics where done, and now I know. YAY!! Your Church is awesome!

  4. Love the picture of your church :o)

  5. What a beautiful church building. I love churches that look like churches!

    I am so far behind. Thanks so much for continuing to come over to visit!

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  6. I'd love to just roam in a store like that. You always find something nest that you just have to have! Hope you and Jack and Katie are fine. Have a blessed Sunday!

  7. Both your projects look nice. Can't wait to see them finished. :)


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