Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Word-filled Wednesday

This picture is of the garage in the vacant lot next door. It made me think of this scripture, so I decided to use it this week. I hope it will bless you. Please feel free to copy and use it on your blog if you would like to join us. Don't forget to visit Amy-Deanne to sign up so others can come visit you!


  1. you did a nice job with the graphics!

  2. I love that verse. Great application. thank you, connie from Texas

  3. Interesting how I've often had the same Scripture pop into my head every time I see a local homestead with only a chimney or a foundation left standing. Not far from us is an old barn covered in kudzu and leaning drastically. I am sure tis only the kudzu that holds it up!
    Plain Catholic

  4. what a great picture to go with that verse!

  5. Great WFW! Did you see my Wordless one yesterday? Check itout - it'll make you smile. Or maybe you did!

  6. Excellent choice with a great photo. You are such an inspiration each time that I visit you.

    Thanks for dropping by to visit me.:)

    I wish for you a day filled with much love and laughter.


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