Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday fun

I have to start off with this picture first! This is little Noah who decided he was going to go down the slide. So up he went, sippy cup in hand but then he wasn't so sure he wanted to do it! LOL! There is grandpa Randy on the far right, Noah's dad Nick next to him and there were several others trying to get Noah to come down! He finally did slide down! Noah's grandpa is my cousin. We had a family dinner after church today and it was so much fun but I am plum tired now. I saw family I hadn't seen in years, there must have been close to 40 of us all told. I worked to hard yesterday cooking and ended up really sick last night with a spell of vertigo which is not fun cause it makes you feel like you have the flu. But I was well enough to go today thank the Lord!
Here is the progress on my sampler. The house is done finally! I am working on the alphabet above it.

Got my first apron done to a week or so ago. Nothing fancy but good enough for cooking and work in the garden so I don't get my clothes super dirty!
And here is a lovely PIF given to me by Sue. You might be able to make out all the seed beads she put on it. I have it hanging over my dining room table on the curtains. That way I can enjoy it all the time! The little book mark I am using in here for my Bible.

So I guess that is all for me for now. I need a glass of peach herb tea something awful! Have an awesome week!


T*mmy said...

What a beautiful column header you have there...I love that picture of Jesus and the wee angels!

Cute picture of wee Noah!

I was just looking at some aprons in an Amish Gift store recently...they had quilted bibs for about $12, I've often thought I needed one while baking!

I enlarged the picture and was admiring the green jars on the shelf behind you...I have a blue green one that is smaller but it holds the pennies I save for the grands.

Have a great day, and Happy Fall to you and yours!

Susie said...

Hi Michelle,
Your family dinner sounds like it was really fun. I also like the style of apron you made. Seems like it would be a good cover up. I've always liked long aprons like that!

Angela said...

I am so glad that you got to have a time of fellowship with your family members. It is hard to do alot of cooking and preparing for a special gathering. I hope that you feel better real soon.

I love the sampler and your apron they both look great!

The gifts from Sue is very beautiful and so a lot of time and talent put into making them.
Have a Wonderful new week!


Michelle, I am so glad you got to be with so much of your family. I know what a wonderful feeling that is. I love it.

You feel better soon. Vertigo is awful. I use to have it a lot but I haven't had it in years. My oldest sister used to have it for a month at a time. She loves to read and wasn't even able to do that.

Have a great week and feel better. connie from Texas

Dawn said...

Such a cute picture of the little cutie! That does look pretty high when you're that little. Glad he made it down!

I hope you're feeling better!

Vonna said...

I have had a kid or two in little Noah's shoes before! LOL!

I love your apron Michellle! How great! I use my aprons all the time because of just what you said...I ruin my clothes if I don't put one on!
I'm so glad that you had a great time on Sunday and your Sampler is looking super! Peach Herb tea sounds like just "the thing" to have! :)

groovyoldlady said...

(Gruble, grumble, GRUMBLE...the music got me AGAIN!)

Love the apron, the kiddo is adorable, the sampler is lovely, and I occasionally have vertigo whoch I hate almost as much as blog music. ;-)

Sharon said...

Looks like you had a very blessed day! Your sampler looks wonderful-though that house looks like it would have driven me nuts-LOL