Saturday, September 15, 2007

A chilly, rainy Saturday hello!

See this afghan? Looks okay doesn't it? Well, it is 27 years old and has been very well used. It is stretched out in places and there are areas where the yarn has broken. I fair to say it will one day be shot! It is large enough that it covers our queen size bed and we use it in place of a blanket.
So I have decided it is time for a new one. I am making squares this time. Here they are. It looks like a complicated stitch but is actually very easy to do. Might take me a bit to get them all made because I can't crochet for long periods anymore with out suffering a lot of hand pain!
And here is a fresh update of the quilt Jack is doing. Most likely it will go to Newborns In Need when it is finished. I like the little plaid green dog next to the bear!
I just got my PIF from Sue today! I don't have a picture yet but I wanted to share my good news. It is a cute bookmark and a boucle that she made! I am so blessed! And I got a British cross stitch magazine from another friend named Sandy. Oh wonderful Saturday!
What's that!?!?!?!? Katie heard her dad coming home from the grocery store.

Here is a video of Katie hunting a grasshopper Thursday! Enjoy!


Vonna said...

I love your squares that you've crocheted :) they will make into a beautiful blanket!

Jack's quilt is looking so spectacular! Really darling!

Morning Glory said...

I really like the squares you're making for the new afghan. It's a very pretty pattern.

Susie said...

Hi Michelle,
Are those called Granny Squares? They look similar to an afghan I have made that way.
I'm sure yours will be just beautiful.

Lana said...

Michelle, Lovely squares! I'm sure they will be a beautiful blanket. The quilt...WOW! fabulous job. Katie is SO CUTE! Have a wonderful weekend:~D

PEA said...

LOL I just love that video of Katie...she was jumping just like that grasshopper! hehe Too cute! You've taken on quite a big project to make a large blanket but I'm sure it will look the type of squares you're making and the colours!! xoxo

Retta said...

Katie is so cute! And that afghan looks very cozy.

groovyoldlady said...

I love making granny squares; I hate connecting them. I was always terrified that the baby blanket I made would fall apart if my dil washed it, so I told her to just use it as a decoration!

How do you connect yours?

Man, that was one slyyyyyyyyyy grasshopper, eh?