Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's get stitching!

First a little day trip taken while E.J. was in for the BIG snip (neuter)

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E.J. was getting a bit annoyed at me after we got him home Thursday morning.  To me that look just plain says, "Get that camera outta here!"

 It has been so hot we have spent a lot of time stitching.  Jack is well along on his project.
 I also am well along on mine!
 See you soon!  God bless and huggles.


  1. No pets here - except mama! And she takes good care of me as well! I guess we are each others "pet". I am sure at times she has thought about dropping me off! (nervous look).

    We have had cats and dogs but now we travel too much.

  2. Glad you have something you enjoy to do when it's too hot to do very much except chill out.

  3. lol for a sec there I thought you were going to have a slide show of his surgery! ack!!! LOL
    glad that wasn't the case.

    i love your scrapbooking! very beautiful!


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