Monday, August 2, 2010

Wolves, E.J. and Mr. bumbles

I just could not resist bringing this stuffed Bumble bee home to E.J. who promptly named him Mr. Bumbles! Mr. Bumbles has already needed surgery when E.J. played to rough.
Here is Jack's Last Supper project.  it is a bit of slow going for him with the colors jumping all over the place.  But it will be well worth the trouble!
And here is my wolf.  Right now I am in an area that I can go pretty quickly on as the colors are not jumping around as much.  I am enjoying it still very much.
So a bit of a short post I know.  Been a bit busy here.  Besides the home repairs we are preparing for the city wide garage sale Friday and Saturday.  I pray the temps will be down like they are saying.  We will have everything under the carport.  So God bless and huggles all.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bumbles is so cute. Thanks for sharing pics of E.J.. He brightens my day. Your stitching is beautiful. Have a great yard sale.


PlainCatholic said...

As a beekeeper, Mr. Bumbles certainly appeals to me. How intricate is the shading on your wolf project! Patience is certainly demanded by it.

Kay said...

Mr. Bumbles is so cute and I'm sure E.J. was showing who is boss. LOL

Rose said...

Where did Jack get his project? I have been looking for a Last Supper to do.

Anonymous said...

It has been many months since I have done any blog reading....too much facebook. However, I just wanted to check in with all those blogs I once read so faithfully...about 25 or 30 "friends". I want to get back to that this fall...summmer is so full of "busy-ness". Anyway, Katie??? What happened? So very sad to hear she is no longer with you and I know you must be heartbroken. All those adorable pictures of her in her blankies. So is E.J. a new puppy? Blessings from V. in north Idaho

Dawn said...

What a cute puppy - I still miss our dachsie and it's been many years.

Your stitcheries are beautiful - the Last Supper one will be amazing when it's finished.

Thanks for stopping by again today!

Lucy said...

Selling any of your stash in the garage/yard sale???