Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who turned on the heat? LOL!

Here is E.J. and his little froglegs as I call them.
"Mom!!!!  enough with the camera already!"
Seriously, I finished page two of my wolf and nixed my idea of a break from it.  I am on to page three!  Just in case you are curious, I have a total of twelve pages, four across.
Jack has been a busy boy on his project.  I think the detail is going to be wonderful when completed.  Poor guy had a visit from the old mean frog last night so he spent time doing some ripping out.
One last chuckle.  What are the boys to do on a hot afternoon?  why nap of course!  Our heat indexes were in the 108 to 110 range.
So there you go for today.  God bless you all and huggles!


  1. I sure get inspired from so many of the ladies here that are creative and you are one of them..Thank you for sharing..

  2. Wow! You sure are getting a lot done on your wolf and Jack is really coming along too! Those old frogs are so frustrating. ;-)

    I don't blame them for taking a nap! We are so ready for fall weather too! The heat just drains you of energy.

  3. Wow...great progress on the stitching! (and the "baby" is soooo cute!)

  4. Great progress - and what a cutie your puppy is!

  5. Wow - the needles are just as hot as the temperatures!! There is lots of nice progress happening at your house!! Stay cool - I think the pup has the right idea! :)

  6. I love your dog!!! Our fave dog looked just like that one. God bless you and thanks for the smile :)


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