Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hot days of summer and hot stitching! LOL!

Sylvia fun!

And you know that girl can max out!



Jack has been making some real progress on his cross stitch when his legs are peaceful enough.


And I have been working at my stitching too.  Nothing much done today but I was busy on it yesterday.



The doily is really coming along.  I am on round 21 of 35 so not much longer.  But of course it does go some slower as the doily grows.


So that is our little visit for today.  We are under a heat advisory the rest of the week so it is summer officially in Missouri!  Be blessed and huggles.


  1. looks like everything is coming along nicely in your work! We've only had 1 day of hot weather here (which just slightly over 90).. not like I remember when we lived down south and it was over 100 quite often this time of year! but at least it's sunny now right?!

  2. I wish I could relax like your Sylvia:)

  3. Your lace crochet is lovely! Happy Independence Day to you, Jack and HM Sylvia. (HM=Her Majesty)


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