Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Friday!

Got the computer up and going and sure do love it.  It sure is nice to not have to fight to do things and having to restart all the time.  Not a lot of stitching to show but here is my Rose Sampler
But I do have lots of Sylvia pictures.

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


  1. Glad you are up and running with the new computer. Cute Sylvia! Lovely stitching too!

  2. Great photos of Sylvia! And, the Rose Sampler is looking lovely!!

  3. Your Sampler is beautiful, Sylvia looks so content.


  4. Hello Michelle !

    -the rose sampler looks very beautifull I llike very much the multi coloured thread you have choosen.

  5. Love Sylvia being shy xx


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