Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday? Time Then For A Post!

I have been crocheting away the last few days and here is what my filet crochet looks like now.
And I have also been cross stitching some as well.  I will soon have this section of the cross stitch done.
Now on to the weather.  Did you see last nights beautiful moon?  I got a couple pictures.

And I do bet you would like to see Miss Sylvia Joy also!

And lastly I must tell you we have a new laptop coming and it should be here this upcoming week around Tuesday or maybe Wednesday.  This HP has been so much trouble that jack told me not to even look at HP!  LOL!  So we are getting an asus.  I think the biggest trouble is when the motherboard was replaced, the guy that did it really messed it up and it never worked the same and now the motherboard is going again. 
Anyway, blessings and huggles and thanks for visiting.


Mii Stitch said...

Great news with the laptop :) Your pc troubles will be sorted!

Margaret said...

I love that Sylvia has found a nice, snug place in the coffeetable to sleep. Perfect! Love that crochet piece -- wow!

Brenda C said...

Excited for you and your new laptop. I love your filet piece and Ms Sylvia looks comfy in her spot. Have a wonderful Sunday, and happy stitches to you and Jack.

Anonymous said...

You will love the asus. They are known for having really good mother boards :).

Mary Ann said...

Great news that you will soon have a new computer! I love the color of your cross stitch piece, and the filet crochet is stunning!!

diamondc said...

Love the crochet, the cross stitch is done in a lovely color.
Blondie says hi to Sylvia Joy.



Dee said...

Is there any kind of needle work you can not do? Give Sylvia Joy a tummy tickle for me :)