Monday, June 30, 2014

Beginning the week with stitching

Well now let's talk about a secret with Rose Sampler.  I made a boo boo!  Yep, when starting the first alphabet under the top border I somehow got over to the right one to far and did not notice until I got have of it done and did the birds.  I looked and saw it would not affect it much to make the adjustment back to the proper place by sliding the right hand rose over to it's proper place and using that as a reference I was able to realign everything without it being really noticeable.
Here is a toddler hat I crochet for charity.  I will do adult, baby and more toddlers.
Oh and I must tell you I am a very happy gal tonight.  In 2008 I had saved all my patterns onto a disk because the dell was getting old.  Every time I tried to bring them up on the HP it showed nothing there.  I just tucked the disk away and tonight I tried it on our new Asus and there they were!  Some patterns are irreplaceable so I am glad for this.
Here is Miss Syliva looking sleepy next to Jack's work.
Lastly, a puzzle Jack and I have had for years that we love!
Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


Marlene Jones said...

I hate it when you are one stitch out, glad you can work with it. Bonus for you to be able to see your patterns on the stored disc.

Margaret said...

lol! Love that puzzle! So cute! Glad the stitching is doable with the slight offness. Whew! Cute Sylvia!

Dee said...

LOVE the should make Sylvia a kitty hat :)