Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Get To Post!

Well, I think I may get to post tonight so here we go!  I finished up a couple pairs of house slippers for friends and they will be going to their new home next week.
I also finished the Names Of Jesus piece and it will also go home next week.  I am ready to do another and have one that I will be doing soon.
I have been having a little me time as well working on the Rose Sampler.
Friday was Jack and I's 34th anniversary and we went to our favorite place (The Wooden Spoon) for a lovely meal. 
And yes they do have wooden spoons for sale!
And lovely flowers out front too.
We ended up on a lovely tree lined street.  That just made our special day!
We have been having rainy days this week which I don't mind as we need the rain.  This afternoon the clouds cleared off and there was Mr. Moon!

Here is Sylvia Joy wondering if I need help finishing up those house slippers!
Thanks for visiting!  Blessings and huggles.


Mary Ann said...

The slippers and the Names of Jesus are wonderful finishes! And, your Rose Sampler is going to be very pretty. Happy Belated Anniversary to you and Jack!!

Margaret said...

I love all your handiwork -- just wonderful! Happy anniversary!

Dee said...

H♥ppy Anniversary!!!! I am glad you had a good day out to celebrate together. I liked the tree lined road too.The colors in the rose sampler are pretty and I really love the scallop boarder. I see Sylvia is still on her pillow. :)

Chava said...

Great photos! That meal looked great! :D Happy Late Anniversary!!! :D

PlainCatholic said...

HRC Sylvia is looking sleek. Praise be to God that Jack is feeling better. A blessed birthday for Jack and may the coming year be filled with many blessings for you both!

Stellar needlework. I quite admire your skills!

diamondc said...

Michelle: Love the Names OF Jesus so beautiful, I love your slippers, they are lovely.
I am wondering if you have defragmented your computer, mine was so slow and I thought I needed a new computer, I went to the fix-it shop and he only defragmented mine and $30.00 later it is good to go, I now know how to defragament and donot need to go to the shop again.
Good luck on a bew computer.
Defragmenting speeds up things a whole bunch.



diamondc said...

I forgot to tell you Happy Anniversary.