Sunday, July 16, 2017

Good crochet weather!

Had a good birthday yesterday although My Jack is not feeling well. Not sure what is going on with him but poor guy!
I thought I would do one of the button and bows square in cream so you could see it better.
I also am going to town crocheting angels for a friend. Six dozen to make!
And managing a little fun time with my birthday yarn too!
With it being so hot, Sylvia is lazier than usual even if she is in where it is air conditioned!

Sorry it is such a short post but it has been a bit of a not so good week for getting much of anything done! I will leave you this video from the night before last of the evening sounds. You will hear a cicada and a cardinal.
Huggles and blessings!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Finish and scraps

Hello! well I finished my cover up a day or two ago. It fits good and is nice and cool too.
I also am playing with a pattern called Buttons and bows. It is a bit hard to see with the ombre yarn but here it is.
My birthday is coming up Friday. Jack helped me pick out some self striping yarn. Most of this stuff is expensive and you do not get a lot for your money. This is from Lion Brand called Mandela and it is 590 yards for around five dollars. This color is called Spirit.
Here is a little pretty for you. We are treated to these lovely flowering shrubs when we come and go from our apartment.
Now time for some Sylvia laziness!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Just a little post but lots of Sylvia!

Just one little crochet thing to show you. I am close to finishing up a cover up. I thought the grey would go good with anything.
The rest is all Sylvia. She thinks Jack's ear and glasses are a grand foot rest. Jack thinks it smarts!
Bath time!
Being a goof ball is her speciality!
Very happy to have gotten a new toy!
And always enjoying a nap or two or more!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Two weeks of Hppenings!

Hello, hello! Afraid I did not have much to visit about last week. But here I am again. I finished up the slippers and laprobe. It will go out Monday.

That is all the crochet I have to show you this week. I do have a lovely sunset from the other day.

Oh and let me show you my short girl problem! Yep, that dryer is a tough reach!
Speaking of dryers, I ordered some woolzies and they arrived today. can not wait to try them. They last and last and last!
Jack got my curtains hung in the hobby room and we finished up hanging everything on the walls as well. It is a wonderful room! I love to sit in my rocker and look out at the pond and trees. A great place to pray and meditate.

And now for the Sylvia show! Just being herself and loving life!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Plenty going on here!

Hello again! we are getting close to having the hobby room set up. Just a few final things to do.

We celebrated our 37th anniversary the sixth. Jack let me pick out these goodies. He picked out a model for himself. I scoured thru the clearance yarn and also got a lucet for cordmaking (the turquoise item) and I got a hairpin lace thing also.
In the crocheting department a hat for my dear friend Laura, a laprobe for a friend's friend also. And tried out a motif.

We have been having visits from this little house finch and his missus this week.
And today Jack hung my living room curtains. I do not like naked windows at all! LOL!
Oh and I forgot one crochet thing. Actually I only needed to put in the pillow and sew it up. I am on a mission to finish up some things this year.
Now for some Sylvia time!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.