Sunday, October 29, 2017

Here I Am

Hello my friends. Not a lot to show you as I am just trying to catch up and finish the five dozen snowmen to go out before Christmas! I have two dozen completely done and well onto finishing another dozen this week. Here is one of the batches.
Now onto some fun! We put out shelled peanuts for the squirrels and shelled for the birds. It is entertaining when you can not get out a lot. Here my begonia is growing a tail
Enjoying that peanut!
Sylvia is in lazy mode since it is turning cooler. Cooler weather also means I get lots of cuddles. She will not sit on a lap, but she sometimes puts her chest on my leg.
Thanks for visiting. Jack is feeling a bit stronger today. We stayed home from church as he was having a tough day yesterday. His blood pressure this afternoon was so much better, 117/77. Off to see the doctor tomorrow. Oh and yes, Regina my friend, we do very much love the church we are now attending. Thanks for asking. Huggles and blessings.


Lynda said...

Glad Jack is so much better!

And your snownmen are so cute!! xx

Margaret said...

Good to hear Jack's bp was better today. Hope the doctor has good things to say. Love your snowmen -- so cute! That's a lot of snowmen to make! Nice pic of the squirrels enjoying the peanuts too! Bet Sylvia loves watching!

Little Penpen said...

The snowmen are gorgeous! I love the tail growing out of your plant. Enjoy all the cuteness!!! Hope hubby is better!

rosey175 said...

Glad to hear Jack is feeling stronger now! It must be the power of all the snowmen haha. Our cats do not get lazy when it gets cooler! They love it and dash around the house more than usual. But they do come closer for cuddles when they've worn themselves out. :) Love the fuzzy shephard's hook poking out of the begonia.

Maggie Ann said...

That squirrel tail growing out of the flower basket is a funny sight indeed. Your snowmen are cute....we are having a blast of cold windy weather just now and we all are unhappy about it.....=)

Mia said...

Beautiful snowmen! You are a busy lady! I love the squirrels and the tail of your begonia! Ha ha! I wish I had the time to be lazy like Sylvia! Kisses!