Tuesday, December 12, 2006

As promised!

I want you to meet some friends of mine. First is Deb who is owned by Roo the doxie. Aren't they lovely ladies? You can meet them at Roo's site-dachshund diaries. It is in my links and is well worth the visit!

Next this is Dixie who owns Linda in georgia. Isn't this picture a riot!!??? I tell you Dixie lets her mom get away with a lot! I cracked up laughing when I saw this picture!

Couldn't let Katie-Bug be left out! Napping, as usual. Just like she is doing now behind my chair!

Here is Jack with his finished baby quilt. He was being silly! He said, "Tell them Jack-Roy, not kil-roy, was here!" Whatever!

And yes, I am actually doing some stitching. This is a quick stitch but not if you haven't been feeling well! Long post for me but there it is!


xsquared said...

I love your new project! And Jack's quilt is great!

Julianne said...

Hi Michelle,

I'm glad you're feeling better. Jack's quilt looks fantastic! Your stitching looks good too. Thanks for your post about letting go. That is a really good message and one we need to read again and again.

Vonna said...

Jack's quilt looks great! And your stitching is beautiful as always....Your doggie friend pictures are adorable :D
Feel Better!

PEA said...

Those dog pictures are just precious! lol Love the quilt Jack made, that is just so very beautiful!! All of your cross stitch projects are wonderful!

Meari said...

Jack's quilt turned out really cute. Love the pic of Dixie - Yes, it's a RIOT! LOL