Thursday, December 7, 2006

Blessings from Dizzyrizzy

This is very true. A lot of us who are differently-abled have been held back at one time or another. We just want the chance to try! Oh and stay tuned! Photos coming up later today of my new projects. Yep, projects! I have 3 I will be working on!

Love is giving for the world's needs,
Love is sharing as the Spirit leads,
Love is caring when the world cries,
Love is compassion with Christlike eyes. -Brandt

Some say I am disabled,
But you know that isn't true.
I simply have a challenge
A little different from you.

My slight inconvenience has taught me things
They could not know.
Each obstacle is a victory,
Enabling me to grow.

I'm not really any different.
I cry. I laugh.
I don't want to be treated
As if I'm not a person anymore.

Out of good intentions,
People are afraid to let me try.
But sometimes I have to fall,
And sometimes I need to cry.

God gives me the strength and dignity
And the courage to be all I can be.
For He doesn't see me as disabled,
He just sees me as me.

BJ Morbitzer
© 1964
Thanks Archie

The Greatest Man in History
Jesus had no servants,
yet they called Him Master.
Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him.
He won no military battles,
yet He conquered the world.
He committed no crime,
yet they crucified Him.
He was buried in a tomb,
yet He lives today.
I feel honored to serve
such a Leader who loves us!
Thanks Mags

Holy warriors for God never quit. Every warrior experiences setbacks and challenges, but the fact that God is on their side means that nothing on earth can hold them down. With God's strength and support, you can become an unstoppable holy warrior who is victorious in every spiritual battle. That's because when it comes to warriors, failure is never the final ending. God has guaranteed victory for those who live right in His name. Today, will you refuse to lose to the enemy? Will you rise up and reach a whole new level of abundant living? Live victoriously today; that's what God has called you to do!

A Prayer for Today
God, thank you for Your guaranteed victory in spiritual battle. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a holy warrior. Help me to be consistent in fighting for You. In Jesus' name. Amen
Thanks Margie


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