Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Peek-a-boo!!! it's little old me again!

This is a blessings from dizyrizzy. I really like it. Hey, I have some updates to share with you but it will be in another post. I am feeling lots better and stitching again. Jack has been a very busy boy too. Hint, hint: he finished the baby quilt! I will get pics on later. Thank you too all my awesome friends on here who wished me well, prayed for me and kept me in their thoughts this last month. It has not been an easy month but I made it. I see the doctor today so think good thoughts!

We don't always know why things happen. Disappointments
and difficulties may never be explained. You may
never fully understand why. No doubt there will be
times in your life you will be left scratching your head
trying to figure out, "Why?"

Letting go when there is no understanding that "why?" is
hard. Our culture places such emphasis on finding answers
but, finding answers isn't everything. Your life should not stop
when you don't understand the events. Instead, you must learn to let

So, get on with your life. Regain your energy and passion. Let
go of the frustration of asking "Why?" and clear the deck for
a brighter future.

Something wonderful is happening to me right now.
It is this thing called life.
Life is in my mind. Life is in my body. Life is in my affairs.
I receive it-I share it-I am it and I accept it.
Just the way that it is and just the way that it is not.
Thank you, life. Amen.

Peggy Bassett

This moment matters very much because it is the culmination of all you have ever been and all you have done. This moment matters very much because it is the starting point for everything you will become.
This moment may seem quite ordinary. And yet in its ordinary appearance is an extraordinary nature. For in this moment you are experiencing the incredible, unmatched wonder of life. It seems ordinary only because you know it so well, and even that adds to its wonder.

This moment has its problems and frustrations, its challenges and disappointments. Yet when you step back and put things in perspective, it becomes clear that the positive possibilities far outweigh even the most negative circumstances.

This moment has brought you more than you've ever had before, and its treasure is here now for you to live. Value this moment for all it is by giving to it all you can be, and truly magnificent things will come from it.

Ralph Marston

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