Saturday, December 1, 2007

Your holiday mood

Got this fun little quiz from my Groovy friend! Thought it was kinda cute too! See ya tomorrow with some stitchy news!


PEA said...

We're twins...I'm feeling Mrs. Clausy also! hehe I so enjoyed looking at all the pictures from your previous post...our little town has also put lighted decorations on the street lights:-) Love that little snowman your hubby got for you and the baby quilt he made is just adorable!! xox

Angela said...

My holiday mood...I'm feeing Mrs. Clausy too! :) This is cute, Michelle!

May your night be filled with warmth and a restful sleep.

Sharon said...

Triplets! I'm Mrs. Clausy, too! :-)

T*mmy said...

I dropped in yesterday evening and snitched this from you...I hope you don't mind ~blush~

I'm feeling Mrs. Clausy!

Have a great evening! =)