Saturday, November 17, 2007

What a glorious Saturday!

Come on in! We have some fresh hot cinnamon rolls just out of the oven to share. Pull up a chair and let's visit a bit.
Here is Katie! It was really chilly the other night and I was under an afghan and Katie was in her blankie. Well she kept edging closer and closer and ended up taking most of my afghan! What a thief!
Started a new project. It is a quaker style sampler from Jeremiah Junction. It calls for specialty threads but they have blended colors of DMC that will work too and that is what I am using.
Here is my progress. I started last night.
And here is my progress on the Ruth 1:16 piece. It is coming along nicely. I haven't felt like working on the life's sampler one this week.
Now for one last laugh!
cash advance

Got this from my friend Mrs. Amy and thought it would be fun to do. Who would have thunk it? LOL! Me, an old hillbilly with a genius blog! That's a hoot!


Anonymous said...

LOL, I thought I was smart! Genius wow that is cool!! But someone who does the amazing crossstiches you do must be a genuis so no surprises really!! :)

Gran said...

Thanks for those inviting and delicious cinnimon rolls.I enjoyed my our visit with you.

My a thief too!

You have made a lot of progress on your new sampler.

Your other project of Ruth is really beautiful.

I did the the Blog's Reading Level... Mine came out as Genius too!

Have a blessed Sunday! Thanks for stopping by.


Susie said...

Your cinnamon rolls look so good Will you be posting the recipe?
My blog came out as genius too, which astounded me!

Dawn said...

Mmmmm. I can almost smell those rolls! I would have loved to sit down and visit over a cinnamon roll and a cup of hot chocolate or tea (I'm a bad Swede who doesn't do coffee!) I'd love to see all your projects in person. And Katie, of course.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

DaisyGirl said...

The rolls look so yummy! You did hear about the no calories rule during the holidays?! I love that rule!

Annemarie said...

Those cinnamon rolls look so yummy!
I can't wait to see your progress on the JJ sampler. That's the one I picked out to start myself :o) I think I will use the DMC varieties as well. Sampler Threads are not my favourites :o)

Tammy said...

So much for my cyber diet...pass me one of those rolls purdy please!

My blog is Genius too...whoda thunk?

Have a great day!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the cinnamon roll! ;-)

Very nice cross stitch work!! I really like the Ruth one!

Okay, so I'm not a genius, just a college undergrad.
;-) However, I do understand your blog perfectly! Lol!

Susan said...

Oh my those cinnimon rolls look sooo yummy!!

groovyoldlady said...

My blog is College Level. So I implore you to send all your academic friends over to be wowed by my scholarly dissertations.


Thanks for the virtual cinnamon rolls. If they taste as yummy as they look, I will eat them all!

Paula said...

Oh those rolls, now you have me craving them! They look soooo good.

_ said...

Mmm, those cinnamon rolls look delicious. Too bad I missed them on Saturday. I'll have to catch you the next time you have some. ;)

I tried the blog readibility test and mine came out nowhere near your genius fact, I'm quite the opposite at elementary school level. Hmm, think that has something to do with the 7 kiddos I have? LOL

Mo said...

I love samplers!!!! I don't like to do the same thing over and over again. Yours looks pretty 'busy'.
Be sure to post a picture of it when you're done. You will probably finish it before I'm done counting the stars!

Sharon said...

Oh, those rolls look so yummy! I am drooling. The sampler looks pretty-love all the colors in that one. Will look forward to seeing your progress!

Cathy said...

The new sampler you are starting is beautiful. I will enjoy watching your progress. Is it from one of Jerimiah Junctions magazines?