Monday, May 5, 2008

Good day from sunny Missouri!

The mail was very kind to me Friday and Saturday. This sweet magnet and the crown of thorns is from a dear friend named Jen. She made both items. The magnet is now on my fridge. I hung the crown of thorns under my antique Last Supper picture. A very fitting place for it I thought. And I see it each time I come and go out the front door or when I am setting on the sofa. Thanks a million to her and many hugs!

And oh boy am I enjoying this from Souix Sue. Great big hugs to her! The articles about the coast of Texas are perfect! Jack and I want to go down to the gulf coast sometime. If I can get brave enough that is! LOL!
We took a drive Sunday afternoon. It was a lovely day for it. Here is an old barn.
But check out this barn in the next couple pictures! I love it! On the south side it has some clear plexi glass panels in the roof to let light in. What a barn!

This is the 1895 Caplinger Mills bridge. For a time it was in pretty bad repair but they have fixed it up. I remember as a child going across it in a car. Now it is strictly foot traffic and lots of folks fish from it. There is great spoonbill fishing here in the Sac River. The mill is long gone and not many people remain in this little town. My grandmother on my mom's side was born and raised here.
This once was the hospital in Humansville. Now it is a residential care facility. I love the porches they have put on it! My older half brother was born in Humansville.
This is a poem I got from Patty. I really like it. Kinda sums up my feelings and hopes for my life. I have my little house and a dear husband so my life is very happy.

A Prayer for Womanhood
~Grace Noll Crowell~

God, give each true good woman
Her own small house to keep,
No heart should ache with longing,
No hurt should go too deep.....
Grant her age-old desire:
A house to love and sweep.
Give her a man beside her,
A kind man, and a true,
And let them work together
And love, a lifetime through,
And let her mother children
As gentle women do.
Give her a shelf for dishes,
And a shining box for bread,
A white cloth for her table,
And a white spread for her bed,
A shaded lamp at nightfall,
And a row of books much read.
God, let her work with laughter,
And let her rest with sleep.
No life can truly offer
A peace more sure and deep....
God, give each true woman
Her own small house to keep.


Carole Burant said...

Isn't it fun receiving such lovely surprises in the mail:-) That little magnet is so cute and I love the crown of thorns...I've never seen anyone make those before!

Oh wow, I so enjoyed your pictures taken while you were on your Sunday drive...that red, white and blue barn is just awesome!! I also love the former hospital building...the architecture from back then is just so amazing. As you say, the porches are such a great addition!!

I've copied that Prayer for's just beautiful. xoxo

Anonymous said...

lovely poem!

Sharon said...

What sweet gifts!

Thank you for sharing your Sunday drive with us! I love the barn that was painted!

Nancie said...

So sweet of your friends to send you such lovely gifts. Wow, the places you went to are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

I love your beautiful poem. Have a blessed week, sweet friend :)

Sue Seibert said...

Glad you like the magazine. You need to visit the Gulf Coast. It's beautiful.

I had no idea that Spoonbills came that far north. Wow. I just love to see them!

Pen of Jen said...

As a *farm* gal, I love the tour of barns...believe it or not the barns here are not like the traditional barns back east.

I am so happy that you received the gifts.
double nickel

DaisyGirl said...

What a cool barn! If that doesn't say USA I sure don't know what would! Sorry about the bad weather you've had. I'll keep those families in my prayers. How sad for them. Katie looks so cozy all bundled up. Have a great week!

HsKubes said...

What lovely gifts!
I, also, enjoyed your photos very much and the poem. Thank you for sharing.

Hope you have a great week!
~ Christina