Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So much stitchin' & such

I joined a group and registered for a chance to win one of 25 or 50 gift bags on dogster. Well look what came today! Surprised me big time! A bandana for Katie, a toy for her, a can lid for her moist food, a new fabreze product and a pet carrier. LOL! We would have to fold poor Katie up big time for her to fit but it will be nice to carry her supplies in when we travel places.
And this came from Andie. She was giving away a few charts and I got a lavender and Lace one. It is Angel of Autumn. Now I have all but the angel of summer. I will save up and splurge on that one. Thanks and big hugs to Andie!
Jack's quilt square. Just the big flower to do in the center. He is using both varigated and solid colors and it will make each square unique. We are going to make them into pillows rather than a quilt. The squares came from my dear friend Mary.
Here is my progress on Blue Moon Angel. There are a couple shades of blue floss that are so close in color to the fabric it makes you cross eyed! This is my first time using krenik thread for my metallic too and I am liking it a great deal! It frays less and is much easier to work with than DMC metallics!
See this sweet little baby bunny? He is so tiny he fits in the palm of your hand. I was sitting sewing and Jack was doing dishes. Then I heard a distress cry. I knew it was a baby something but not sure what. A neighbors cat was playing with it and would have killed him. We have a lot of trouble with this cat as it is and I was red hot mad! I chased him away from the baby. Jack got me a rag to pick him up but by the time he got to the door, baby had boogied to the back yard. Jack handed me the rag and chased the cat away again. he was trying to sneak around me to get the little guy. We put him in a shoebox and brought him in for just a bit. Once he had calmed down, I took him back outside. He is now safe under Jack's workshop and the cat can not get him! He may still die of stress but at least he won't be played with and eaten by that stupid cat!

So that is all for now! Be blessed!


Meari said...

The bunny is so cute! Poor little guy...

Congrats on winning the prize from dogster, and on getting the chart too. Lucky girl, you are!

Jacks quilt square looks really nice.

Kathleen Marie said...

It is so much fun to win things... So happy for you and Katie. Lovely work you are doing there and that bunny is just precious!

A Note From Theresa said...

That poor little bunny! My oldest son loves rabbits and I let him read about the bunny and he said he would have been red hot mad too. lol

I hope the bunny lives.

Dawn said...

Such a cute little bunny - so glad you rescued the little thing!

Metallic floss - I made many Precious Moments wedding pictures for gifts - the metallic DMC floss did definitely fray.

DaisyGirl said...

I so glad the bunny's ok!