Thursday, June 12, 2008

Carthage, MO part 2

Hill House Chateauesque-1887
Baker House Victorian 1880's
No info on this one but it is amazing!
Rose house Queen Anne/Colonial Revival blend-1899
Tower House Italianate-1880
Davey House Queen Anne-1900's
W. Mitchell house Italianate 1881
Ketchum house Georgian Revival 1901
Leggett House 1901
Phelps House 1895
N. Luke house Georgian Revival-1900
Spencer House Italianate 1870

Porch of the Irwin House Queen Anne
So there are some of the homes in Carthage. I decided to wait until next time for Marlin Perkins home. I will explain in the last Carthage post why you don't see older homes and a very few last pics. In between then i will post a stitchy post. Huggles and blessings!


Nancie said...

Thanks for sharing these, Michelle. The homes are all so lovely!

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Really lovely pictures !!
Thank you for coming by my blog.

Penless Thoughts said...

What fun!!! I love old houses like these. Mickey and I must make a trip over there some time and snoop around a bit. We've been to the Precious Moments museum but didn't really take time to "visit" Carthage. You have inspired us.

Darlene said...

I absolutely love the Baker House with its wrap around porches :)

Such great old homes, I'm so glad you posted them for our enjoyment!

Looking forward to your next post.

God bless :)

Susie said...

Hi Michelle,
What beautiful homes. We rarely see that style architecture in this part of CA. It's more the Spanish influence here..

Sharon said...

I love those kind of homes! They are all so lovely-thanks for sharing! I hope you are all doing well!

Netter said...

Goodness! That town has some lovely homes. I'm a big looker when it comes to pretty homes, the older the better. Oh and the big porches. I miss the good old days when everyone sat on their front porch in the summer and chatted with people that strolled by. Reminds me of my Grandparents. Everyone knew they'd be out front and ready and willing to visit and it never failed, there was always a few people that sat a spell.

Marlin that the guy from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom? Do I have the right man in mind? I loved that show as a kid.

Sharon said...

These are such lovely homes! Do they ever open them for tours?

Nancy said...

These homes are simply gorgeous. I live in Kansas City and have been through Carthage, but not in a while.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

looks beautiful!!! what a fun trip!

Meari said...

Those are some BEAUTIFUL homes!

J-ME said...

These houses are so beautiful!!!Thanks for sharing. I have missed so much the past 2 months when I was subbing. I just didn't have time nor energy to blog. Now I am trying to catch up!