Monday, June 23, 2008

Curtains and flowers

Aren't these pretty? Jack got them for me to brighten up the front porch. I can not for the life of me think of the name of them right now. Brain freeze i guess.
Here is Jack's little cherry tomato just going to town. It has nearly 20 tomatoes on it in various sizes. Poor Jack can hardly wait for them to ripen! My morning glories are growing like weeds. just racing each other up the wire on the carport to see who gets to the top first! I will share a picture as soon as it starts blooming.
And as promised, here is a picture of my fabric made into a curtain. Jack was a big help when it came to cutting. Folding 6 yards of fabric by ones self is not easy! Once it was cut in half that made things so much easier. I was going to cut it in half again to make to separate panels but decided on one. With the high up windows, they will never be pulled open so why not one panel for more light control? I am very fussy about how dark my room is and light getting in. Even the light on the radio bugs me if it is not turned just right. We have a little fan we sometimes use in the bedroom and I even cover up the switches on it because the light in them bugs me. And also when I hung the curtain on the window to mark for length, I kinda liked it a bit longer than the window. So I just turned it up and called it good! I finished the other curtain today and now they are being washed to remove wrinkles and then they will be hung.
So that is my exciting time here. I am sorry I haven't posted as much as I usually do. Jack has been having a bad flair up of the pain and swelling in his legs again. He has been miserable quite a few days. Today he feels a lot better with just a little pain. So God bless until next time!


Anonymous said...

that's a lovely curtain.

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Anonymous said...

Give Jack my best wishes!! We will be praying for him :)

Love and hugs!!

Tori said...

Wow, your curtains look great, I like the country look.

Your husband is so nice to get you those pretty flowers!

Daughter of the King said...

The curtains came out great, Michelle.
Wow, home grown tomatoes, that is wonderful, nothing is better than tomatoes that are ripened in the sunshine versus greenhouse.
That was sweet of Jack to get you the have a good guy, there

Glenna said...

I love the curtain fabric. And darned if I can think of the name of that yellow flower either, although I've seen them--so feathery looking.

Mobunny said...

would they be cockscombs?
If not, they look alike!
That is bright and pretty, hope it blooms and blooms for you.

Humble wife said...

I love the curtains and the porch flowers. I am sorry about Jack's flair up.

I have completed my blog break and am back. Praying that you are well after all the storms that have hit in your area.

Meari said...

I can empathize with Jack and his tomatoes. I have two on the vines and can't wait either! LOL

I went to plant MG's last weekend and found that where I wanted to plant them (by my antenna) only had soil about an inch deep and then concrete. :(

Penless Thoughts said...

I agree with you about the light issues and sleeping, Michelle.

Do you think Jack's flare up was from the recent trip and traveling? Praying for him :o)

The curtains and plants look great. We got our first few little ripe tomatos the other day. Yummy. My favorite things about summer, tomatos and watermelon!!! NOT the hot weather :o(

A Note From Theresa said...

Love the flowers, love the curtains, and will be praying for your Husband.

Barbara said...

sorry that Jack is having such pain. My prayers go out to him.

Glad you got the curtain done. Looks fine.

I will close my eyes and pretend that you are stitching in my garden.

Nancie said...

Dear Michelle,

I am so sorry to hear that Jack is having such pain. I am praying for him and glad he is better. May God continue to restore him. Your curtains are lovely. So nice of Jack to give you the lovely flowers!

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragements. Thank God for strengthening me and I am feeling better. Take care, sweet friend. May God bless and keep you and Jack near to Him always.


Sharon said...

The curtains turned out great! I wish I could sew-(sigh) I hope Jack is doing better now!

Mary Ann said...

I really like the curtains-great job! And, I hope Jack is feeling better soon.

Lucy said...

I rarely buy curtains...I always end up making mine. Great job on yours.

Susie said...

Hi Michelle,
Love your yellow flowers. I do believe they are salvia (I have them in red)
You'll love those cherry tomatoes when they are ready.
I've said a prayer for Jack. That pain makes it hard to get through the days.


I hope that Jack's legs gets alright. Pain is not a good thing.

I love the curtains. I like my longer than the windows also. Light at night bugs me too.

The tomato does look very healthy. I don't blame Jack for being anxious for them to be ready. I love tomatoes of all kinds. Hope you all have a wonderful day. connie from texas

The flowers look so bright and pretty. Makes a person feel very welcome.