Monday, June 2, 2008

Scary afternoon!

Can you believe this is two in the afternoon? It got so dark the street lights came on. A possible tornado was heading our way so after I filmed this I went inside and prayed for no damage and that the tornado would not touch down. We got a lot of wind, hail and rain but no tornado touch down. I was very nervous through it all. Storms always make me really nervous. Doesn't mean I don't trust the Lord to take care of me. Just that when you have panic and anxiety disorder certain things can cause you fear and nerves. All we had was a couple broken limbs on some trees. But I wanted you guys to see what was going on here today. When Jack and I got up this morning it felt like storm weather. It was very humid and way to still. Not good when you have been having a lot of bad weather. Saturday evening and night we had a lot of thunderstorms too.
Tornado sirens from Michelle P on Vimeo.


Nancie said...


Thank God for preserving you and Jack. Tornadoes are indeed scary! We have seen so much natural disasters in these recent days. A solemn reminder that our lives are in the hands of God. May we continue to seek Him and serve Him daily until the days He calls us home.

So glad you and Jack will be going away for a while. Thank God for your 28th anniversary. May God bless you with a blessed time together.

Thanks for praying for me. The Lord is strengthening me each day and I am learning to rest in Him.

Take care and God bless you!

With love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Those Sirens are errie!!
Glad you are both ok!!

Love Amy

Susie said...

Hi Michelle,
That video really gave me a sense of why you would be so frightened.
Scary looking and scary sounding! I've never experienced anything like that!
So glad you're safe and the prayers were answered.

PlainCatholic said...

Praise be to God for sending His guardian angels for you. I wondered it you were alright after seeing that ugly "red eye" on the radar.

Daughter of the King said...

oh that would be scary to me too....and yet as I heard the sirens, I could still hear the birds singing...guess they didn't stress....
glad you are safe and hope you are having a great break together..

CraftyT said...

I came across your Blog through BeckySc. Tornado sirens scare me anytime I hear that sound I get nervous. As a kid camping we were cought up in one. It passed right over us not touching us at all. But ever since then I dont like 'em

Thakfully all you had were a few broken tree limbs.

groovyoldlady said...

Oooo. Tornadoes.

Thanks for reminding why I don't miss living in Missouri (aka Misery)!

I'm so glad that you were safe this time!

Netter said...

Thank goodness the storm passed. Boy, oh boy the heartland is getting pelted this season. My parents live in southeast Nebraska and they have had several close calls in the area. Mom said the other night they had 5 funnel clouds move past them and over them. It was around 10:30 when my Dad went and fetched the neightbors to come and sit the storm out in their basement. Then the sirens went off. Mom said at one point it sounded like a train was going by. It had to be a funnel cloud that just hadn't made it down because there wasn't any real damage just a bunch of tree limbs down. The town of Johnson was hit last month and it took most tops off the buildings downtown and twisted the tops out of the HUGE pine trees that lined the street. Last week they had another tornado that took a barn on the edge of town that was full of antiques. It spared the house and no one was injured. The town has a "Welcome to Johnson" sign when you pull off the highway. Someone spray painted, ""Except tornadoes" My Sister lives on a farm and a neighbor about 2 miles from her lost his 100 year old barn and his machine shed along with several pieces of equipment...they were just gone. He also had four out-buildings that were damaged but the house was in perfect shape. He said, he had been on the porch, watching the storm and had decided at the last minute to get everyone in the basement. I think he had an angel guiding him that evening.

Anonymous said...

Woa, that is scary. The sirens were creepy. Thank the Lord for His protection.

Love, Tina :)