Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lots to share!

I should be ashamed of sneaking up on a sleeping man, but why lie and say I am? LOL! How could I resist such a picture?
This was Miss Bug the other day when she was not feeling so good. Looking at me wanting me to make it all better I am sure.
Jack finished his runner. Came out very nice too. He has already started another.
I wanted to share this with you. It is an older piece of my own design featuring an old Irish hymn. I am going to finish it With fabric.
My progress on Rainbow Bridge. I have put it down for a bit but I am a little more than halfway done so not much longer for it.
I have been working on my angel. I did the metallic floss around her shoulders and on her halo and did the beads around her halo as well. Now on to the ribbons by her wings.
This is an afghan for Tina I am working on. I have about half of the squares done and sewn together. So if i keep at it it shouldn't take to much longer.
Well, thanks for visiting. I sure enjoyed it. God bless and see you soon.


Lisa said...

What great pictures! I especially love the "Be Thou My Vision" piece - that is one of my favorite hymns.

Amydeanne said...

well done! and man, Mr. C would kill me if I posted a pic of him sleeping! LOL

Mrs. Brown said...

Hello Michelle,
So nice to meet you, as well!
I have really enjoyed looking at all your work ... your cross stitch, quilting and afghans ... how beautiful!
I mostly do counted cross stitch ... I've done some quilts and I'm trying to do another afghan. I have done a couple, but want to do one with the granny squares.
Wish we were closer, it would be fun to learn from you.
Thank you for visiting my blog ... I hope to see you there again soon. Can't wait to see more of your progress as well, when I come back to visit you here.
May the Lord bless you,

By the grace of God ... said...

I do this too! Sneaky photos when people are sleeping!! LOL

The imPerfect Housewife said...

Love the pictures of your sleepers. Awwwwwe :) Your stitching is just beautiful and like I've said before, I get so inspired here!! I'm in MO, too, but in St. Louis so we're not too close, but hey we're in the same state so that makes us closer than most!! Have a great Tuesday ~ ♥

PlainCatholic said...

The Irish prayer piece is a delight and of course so are Jack and Katie bug. We hope Katie did feel better and didn't get sicker.

Sharon said...

I always love to see yours and Jack's projects! You both do such beautiful work!